Gallbladder cancer is known to be India-centric cancer with a high case number in the north and north-eastern region of the country. Because of its anatomical proximity to the liver, most cases present with liver invasion/ metastasis early and becomes inoperable. Thus, a major fraction of the cases undergoes palliative chemotherapy with cisplatin and gemcitabine. Even with therapies, the 5-year survival is less than 5%. Search for a biomarker that would help in diagnosing the disease early and adjuvant therapeutic modalities that would improve the outcome is ongoing. With the incidence of GBC being much less prevalent in the western population the volume of research ongoing for gallbladder cancer seems to be quite less in comparison to other cancers. In our lab, we are exploring the role of Nuclear Receptors in the pathophysiology of gallbladder cancer and its implication in the severity of the disease. We are also investigating tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in the same. In vitro study on gallbladder cancer cell lines alteration of different phenotypic properties like migration, invasion, proliferation, apoptosis etc following treatment with different drugs targeting nuclear receptors. Wound healing assay, transwell invasion assay, flow cytometry etc are done in this regard. Gallbladder tumor samples collected from different surgical disciplines are used to validate data obtained in cell culture. We also intend to develop culture of patient-derived explants that will allow us to have a detailed understanding of the tumor microenvironment.