Molecular Oncology:

The laboratory employs classic molecular biology tools assisted with in silico tools to elucidate pathogenesis of various cancer including Breast Cancer, Gall Bladder Cancer, AML etc. The breast cancer project studies the cellular and molecular events pertaining to the Androgen Receptor-mediated events in Breast Cancer cell lines and validating the same in tumor obtained post-surgery. In GBC, we are exploring the role of Nuclear Receptors in the pathophysiology of gallbladder cancer and its implication in the severity of the disease. We are also investigating tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in the same. In vitro study on gallbladder cancer cell lines alteration of different phenotypic properties like migration, invasion, proliferation, apoptosis etc following treatment with different drugs targeting nuclear receptors.

Placental Biology:

Placenta is a highly specialised multifaceted organ that supports the life of growing fetus throughout the pregnancy and also serves as a source of nutrient, gaseous and waste products exchange between the mother and the fetal circulation. During the course of gestation, the placenta undergoes multiple changes which are crucial for establishing a healthy pregnancy. Placental research is aimed to identify and analyse the effect of toxic pollutants such as Sulphur dioxide and Particulate matter on the trophoblast cells and thus pregnancy. A part of my research work also warrants to identify the transgenerational effect of these pollutants on the fetal health and growth which would be achieved by performing in-silico analysis and animal experiments.